CrossMobile is an open source framework that facilitates the development of mobile applications. The developed applications run natively across multiple mobile (Android and iOS) and Desktop platforms. All of this following just a single development process and without the need of tweaking the code for each native version.

It is an offline developing solution because projects are ready to run, compile and test on user’s current workstation Windows, Mac or Linux (preferably latest distributions) unaffected by intermittent connectivity or slow Internet service.

CrossMobile cooperates with any IDE that supports Maven projects, like IntelliJ IDEA, Netbeans, Android Studio, Eclipse and Xcode for faster development workflow.

The programming language used is Java, one of the most popular programming languages in the world. And because of this there is no need to improve your skills both in Java and Objective C/Swift in order to create applications for both Android and iOS devices.

Consequently it is profitable both for individual developers and companies. The former don’t need to spend extra money in order to train developers on Swift or invest on separate developing teams for each system with a view to adjust to market needs.

It should be emphasized that the request of a Mac as a test/development environment for iOS apps is no longer prerequisite, except for the upload procedure to Apple’s App Store.

In addition, the whole interface is very easy to use right from the start. Many useful options are provided, for example Android setting options that make the integration of the development procedure as easy as it gets. So the completion of uploading an Android application to Google Store takes place as soon as possible.

Moreover, the developer is able to make adjustments in order to cover any special need that is not supported. CrossMobile provides absolute access to system’s hardware and makes the extension of any part of the system either high-end or low-end attainable.

Furthermore, the API used is the same with iOS and that constitutes an ideal solution for a smooth start. It stays away from custom proprietary APIs that have limited documentation and so both beginner and advanced users experience steep learning curve, making this way the most of the available information resources.

CrossMobile also supports many technologies such as In App Payments, Google Pay, Xcode interface Builder, Widget Constraints, Java Collections and many other that broaden user’s choices.