We are a startup located in Athens and our commercial product has been used with great success, by many companies in Europe for 5 years.

We produce high quality software taking into consideration end user requirements and needs. Especially as developers with extensive experience, we understand developer’s needs for specialized auxiliary tools, in order to focus on development process and be more productive.

Who we are
  • highly skilled developers
  • strong educational background
  • solid experience in software development
What we do
  • produce high quality software
  • professional auxiliary tools for developers
How we work
  • result oriented thinking
  • focus on end user’s requirements & needs (developer-user)


We are involved in a highly demanding field that is continuously evolving.

Taking challenges that correspond to market enquires is an absolute priority for us. We noticed the lack of specialized tools for mobile developers that reduce the tedious work and shorten the crucial time needed for an application to launch to the market.

That triggered our last endeavor. We wanted to balance the needs of the market with a need that was actually our own concern as developers.

For this reason we developed CrossMobile platform, a software tool that facilitates the development of mobile and desktop applications.

Our product satisfies developer’s need for one code language, short development time and one code maintenance care. It makes application developing easier incorporating many unique features. For all the above reasons our product is of vital necessity for companies and individuals.

Developers are now able to utilize their Java skills and develop multiplatform applications without the prerequisite of a Mac as a test/development environment for iOS.

Companies that already create Android applications don’t need to invest on Objective-C/Swift training. One developer team for many platforms is now possible with CrossMobile.

We are proud to provide a software tool with unique features, that comes to fill raised market needs for short production cycles of cross-platform applications.

Web Summit: Our team recently attended Web Summit conference in Lisbon, where we had the opportunity to introduce our product and exchange ideas. Our framework gained acceptance of developers and companies that are active or plan to cross over to the mobile development field.