Q: What is CrossMobile?
A: CrossMobile is an open source framework for mobile apps. It uses Java as a programming language and the apps you create run on iOS, Android and Desktop.

Q: Do I need a Mac to create applications?
A: No you don’t need a Mac. You can work on your current workstation using CrossMobile. If you want to produce a iOS application you still need a Mac to compile it, due to licensing issues.

Q: How much does CrossMobile cost?
A: It is free.

Q: What are the system requirements to use CrossMobile?
A: You may find more information in our System Requirements section.

Q: How mature is CrossMobile?
A: CrossMobile is used in production environment for more than 5 years successfully.

Q: Are there any products comparable to CrossMobile?
A: Yes, there are similar products like Xamarin (which doesn’t produce multi-target UI and you need to code again when you switch between Android and iOS), React Native (which uses an abstract common denominator of UI components) and RoboVM (which was focused mainly on iOS).


Q: What are the supported IDEs?
A: CrossMobile is platform specific for Android Studio and Xcode. The basic IDE is Netbeans and if your favorite IDE is Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA you may use one of them,too.

Q: Do I need to write separate UI code for Android and Desktop?
A: No, once the interface is written for iPhone it runs with no changes on Android and Desktop.

Q: Does CrossMobile draw its own controls or access native OS controls?
A: The controls under iOS are native. Under Android and Desktop, due to technology differences, CrossMobile has its own controls that either match the feel of the iOS controls or use the platform specific theme.

Q: Which procedure should I follow in order to upload my application to Apple Store?
A: After completing the development of your app with CrossMobile you need to run it on Xcode and follow Apple’s upload guides.

Q: How can I get an APK from my application?
A: If you select the Android as a target, then under the dist folder you can find the produced APK.

Q: How can upload my developed application to Google Store?
A: After finishing your application development you can upload it to Google Store as you did before. Your final app is ready to upload thanks to CrossMobile’s incorporated solutions.

Q: Is it possible to run my application on the Desktop?
A: Yes, the resulting application is a JAR file and could be executed as usual.

Q: Can I use CrossMobile and continue working on existing RoboVM project?
A: Using CrossMobile you are able to create mobile apps writing Java code as you did with RoboVM. A RoboVM project is easy to be converted to a CrossMobile project so that you can continue your work. Use our RoboVm Migration Tutorial