User Interface

CrossMobile Interface

CrossMobile Interface Tutorial In this section we will present the available options of CrossMobile’s interface. You may want to take a look before you continue to the second tutorial, where you will start making changes to your first “HelloWorld” application. Feel free to skip this section and refer to it as guide in the future. First of all, as you can see there are three options with the logos of Apple, Android and one for the Desktop (environment/device).

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Initial Configuration

This is a guide for the evaluation version of CrossMobile. 1.First time configuration Before you begin you need to make your first time configuration. When you run CrossMobile for the first time you will see the following pop up window.  Click Continue in order to setup your environment. The automatic configuration will start. If you see the following screen it means that you are good to go, so click Continue.

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Running an Application

CrossMobile IntelliJ IDEA NetBeans Eclipse Xcode Android Studio Terminal To run the app through the CrossMobile Managerial Application, select one of the four targets : Desktop: iOS: Android: Unified Windows Platform (Experimental): And Click Run There are two ways open a CrossMobile Project with NetBeans. Open Netbeans from CrossMobile Application. Import CrossMobile Project directly to Netbeans

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